At-Home Relief for Neck, Shoulders and More


I've created the following audio series for you to do at home to help resolve your neck and shoulder issues. Each series focuses on a common contributor to neck and shoulder pain, tension and stiffness. 

Recorded in my classes, lessons combine movement exercises, body awareness and educational information to relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve posture and more!

All series are available as both "Chair" or "Floor" classes.

People experience a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Less pain and tension
  • Greater range of motion
  • Better posture and balance
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • Daily activities (e.g. walking, sitting, cooking, computing, gardening, etc.) become easier and more comfortable
  • 4 audio lessons, downloadable as mp3 files (a few series are 3 or 5 lessons). Each lesson is approx. 1 hour long.
  • Written introduction on how to do the movement lessons and tips for getting the most out of them.
  • Some series include a corresponding handout with information and anatomy to aid your learning.

All series are available as "Chair" and as "Floor" classes (unless otherwise noted). Although different, both are equally beneficial and use the same principles to reduce pain, decrease strain and increase flexibility.

CHAIR Lessons
These are primarily done sitting in a chair, although some are done standing or walking. Reasons you might choose to purchase the chair version of a series are:

  • Lying on your back is uncomfortable.
  • Getting up and down from the floor is difficult for you.
  • You spend several hours a day sitting or are a wheelchair user. Poor sitting habits commonly lead to neck and shoulder discomfort. In chair lessons, you have the opportunity to work directly on improving your movement and alignment in sitting.
  • You tend to fall asleep when doing lessons lying down.

FLOOR Lessons
These are primarily done lying on a mat on the floor, although some are done sitting (on the floor or in a chair), standing or walking. Reasons you might choose a floor series over a chair series include:

  • Sitting is uncomfortable or aggravates your pain.
  • If you tend to be anxious or stressed, lying down may allow you to relax and go deeper into a lesson than sitting.
  • The idea of lying on the floor is simply more appealing to you! (Note: You won't always be lying down in floor series lessons—sometimes you'll be sitting, on your hands and knees, standing or walking.)

Which One is Right for Me?
If you have the ability to do either chair or floor lessons or you're just not sure which is best for you, I suggest you try both: Buy the chair version of one series and the floor version of another. This way you can find out first hand how they're different and what kinds of benefits you get from each.

Price: $22 for 4-lesson series ($27 for 5-lesson series; $18 for 3-lesson series)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Venmo, check or cash

To Purchase: Contact me via my Contact Form. Let me know:

  1. Which series you are interested in.
  2. Which version of each series you'd like: chair or floor class.
  3. What form of payment you'll be using (PayPal, Venmo, check or cash).

I'll send you instructions for payment. Once I receive payment, I will send you a link to download the audio series.

Man with relaxed neck and shoulders


One of the Best Medicines for Neck & Shoulder Problems

Coordinate yourself from feet to head for greater freedom in your neck and shoulders, and easier, more enjoyable walking. 

Woman with hands on hips

3 Mistakes People with Neck Pain Make and

How Your Pelvis Can Help

Learn how to avoid mistakes that contribute to neck pain and to use your pelvis to increase mobility and alleviate strain.

Relaxed man breathing fully

3 Breathing Secrets

that Will Free Your Neck, Shoulders & More!

When you hold your breath, other parts of you hold as well, especially your neck, shoulders and back.

Woman sitting hunched over computer

Sit in Comfort:

How to Keep Your Neck & Shoulders Happy Sitting

Do you spend more than a couple hours sitting each day? Is getting up out of a chair harder than it used to be? If so, this series is for you

Woman gardening with low back comfort

Low Back Love

That Will Free Your Neck and Shoulders

This series will help you lighten the load on your low back, and in turn, bring more ease to your neck and shoulders.

Superman ready to relieve your neck & shoulders

Ribs to the Rescue:

Surprising Ways to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

Often overlooked and under-appreciated, a flexible rib cage is essential for neck and shoulder comfort.


Feet Stepping into Water

All in the Ankles:

Relieve Neck Pain and Tension

The ankle bone really is connected to the neck bone. In this series, you'll rejuvenate your neck by improving the use of your ankles! 

Ease your jaw

Ease Your Jaw

for Happier Neck and Shoulders

Your jaw directly effects the comfort of your neck and shoulders. Learn how to move your jaw with greater ease and enjoy more freedom in your neck and shoulders.

Woman painting a room with ease

Use Your Hands

to Turn the Tables on Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

This series focuses on the intimate relationship between our neck/shoulders and our hands/arms. How we use one effects the other.

Relaxed older couple enjoying the outdoors

Dial Down Stress

for More Ease in Your Neck, Shoulders and Back

Stress has a direct impact on the comfort of our neck, shoulders and back. While you can’t control the world around you, you can change your response to stress.

Man turning to look while backing up car

Top Tips for Turning

Farther and More Easily

Discover simple ways to improve your ability to turn and see the world around you in comfort.

Calm woman covering her eyes

Calm Your Eyes

for Greater Neck and Shoulder Comfort

Your eyes play a key role in how you move and the tone in your muscles. This means your eye habits can lead to neck and shoulder pain—or help free you from it!

Superman ready to relieve your neck & shoulders

Usually when I lift my arms, I feel strain in my neck and shoulders. But now, after taking this series, I can lift them and it doesn’t feel like a strain. My arms feel more a part of my body. 

Lara / Ribs to the Rescue series

Calm woman covering her eyes

I used to fall a lot but now I find myself being able to recover my balance when I'm losing it. These lessons are really helping me do that.

Anonymous / Calm Your Eyes series

Man with relaxed neck and shoulders

My whole walk changed after this class. My arms and shoulders now move. And that’s continued even after several weeks. 

Carl / Walking: One of the Best Medicines series

Feet Stepping into Water

My ankles feel sooo much better! 

Lorraine / It's All in the Ankles series

Relaxed man breathing fully

I knew I held my breath but had no idea I do it so much! Now I notice when I’m not breathing. 

Anonymous / 3 Breathing Secrets series

Woman gardening with low back comfort

My spine is looser and more relaxed now. A few days ago I was able to bend forward to pick something up further than I've been able to in the past month—and without pain! 

Eileen / Low Back Love series

Man turning to look while backing up car

I can’t believe how much easier it is to back out of my steep driveway now!

Maxine / Top Tips to Turn Farther series

Relaxed man breathing fully

I’ve been told in physical therapy that in all planes of motion my trunk was constricted. Now I realize it had a lot to do with my breathing. 

Paula / 3 Breathing Secrets series

Man with relaxed neck and shoulders

This series has been really helpful. I’m walking easier. My low back pain is going away and my ankle problem is better. The change is from doing this class. 

Lara / Walking: One of the Best Medicines series