Tired of neck and shoulder issues stopping you from doing what you love?


These weekly classes are designed for older adults with neck and shoulder pain and tension. Classes combine movement exercises, body awareness, and education to relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve posture and more!

Classes are safe and gentle, and the class atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Everyone is welcome regardless of physical ability or experience.

Come find out how to release pain and move with greater ease!

Brandee teaching students in her weekly movement class
Classes are safe and gentle for people who are injured or in pain.

Benefits of Classes

My students get many benefits from classes. The most common are:

  • Less pain and tension
  • Greater range of motion
  • Better posture
  • Lower stress
  • Daily activities (e.g. walking, sitting, cooking, computing, gardening, etc.) become easier and more comfortable
Older adults in a Feldenkrais movement group class
Slowing down and paying attention helps release excess muscular tension. © IFF Archive, Robert Golden

Time, Location and Price

10:00-11:00am (chair class)
11:15am-12:15pm (floor class)

Helios Corner Apartments
1531 University Ave (at Sacramento St.)
Berkeley, CA, 94703

4-week series – $60*
Drop-in – $20/class
You may pay with PayPal, Venmo, cash, check or credit card.

* Bonus Gift: Register for a class series by 8pm the Friday before it begins and you'll receive free audio recordings of the series.

Who Are Classes For?

Classes are designed for older adults (age 50+) with neck and shoulder issues. However, people of all ages find classes helpful for relieving back, hip and knee pain, as well as improving balance.

Classes use gentle movements and are safe for most people who are in pain, have an injury or are recovering from surgery.

Everyone is invited regardless of age or physical ability. Wheel chair users are welcome in the chair class.

Absolutely no experience necessary!

What to Expect

Classes are mostly done sitting in a chair (10am class) or lying on a mat on the floor (11:15am class). You don't need any experience to take these classes.

You’ll be verbally led through a series of movements. By slowing down and paying attention in ways you never have, tension begins to release and your movement abilities expand.

A large part of moving out of pain is learning to listen to and take care of yourself instead of ignoring or pushing through pain. So in these classes, you are invited to go at your own pace and encouraged to modify—or even just imagine—movements you find uncomfortable.

How to Register

Register Online or In Person

  • Online: Click on the class series below you'd like to take, then complete the short registration form at the bottom of that page.
  • In Person: Before or after class on a Tuesday at Helios Corner. Note: If you want to register in person and get the bonus audio recordings, you must register by the Tuesday before the series starts.

Get a BONUS gift with Advanced Registration!

When you register by 8am the Friday before the first class of a series to receive a bonus gift: mp3 audio recordings of the series! After this deadline, you may still register online but will not receive the audio recordings.

Online Registration Closes 8pm Monday, the Night Before Class

If online registration has closed, you may still attend class. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to register and pay in person.

Drop-ins Welcome to Any Week of a Class Series

While it's best to do all the classes in a series, you may drop in to any class in a series. This is because most classes stand on their own—that is, they don't require having done the previous week's class.

You may register for a drop-in spot in advance online or you can register in person. In the case of the latter, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign up and pay in person.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Deadline

You may cancel your registration up until 8am the Friday before the first class of the series. No refunds or credits will be issued after this time. Class registration is non-transferable.

To cancel a registration, please email or call me.

Your Choice: Refund or Credit

If you cancel your registration by the deadline (8am the Friday before the first class of the series), you may choose to receive a refund (minus a 15% service charge) OR apply the full amount as credit for another series (credit must be used within 60 days).

Missed Classes (and Purchasing Audio Recordings)

There are no make-ups, credits or refunds for missed classes. However, if you did Advanced Registration, you’ll receive the audio recordings of the series. You can then “make up” the class you missed by doing the audio lesson at home.

If you did not register in time to receive the recordings, you may purchase them at the special student price of $5/individual or $15/4-wk series (public price is $7/individual or $22/4-wk series).

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Upcoming 2020 Classes

June:  Breathing Secrets (chair)  |  Neck-Pelvis Connection

July:  It's All in the Ankles (chair)  |  Calm Your Eyes

August:  Low Back Love (chair)   |   Walking to Improve Neck & Shoulders

Regina, group class student

Classes are helping me make ongoing changes in my posture. Now when I’m working on the computer, I sit up straight.

Regina Eisenberg
Judy, group class student

No matter what we do in class, my pain is always gone by the end.

Judy Geller
Carl, group class student

You taught me how to turn and look without hurting my neck. Thank you.

Carl Gardeman
Gary, group class student

By the end of class I could see the wall behind me from both sides—I had 360 deg vision!

Gary Wilson

Can't Come to Classes?

Do my audio classes in the comfort of your home!