Attention: I'm not currently taking new individual session clients

Instead, I invite you to join one of my weekly group classes or get my audio lessons to do at home!

What if you didn’t expect pain and stiffness as you get older?

Poor movement habits and lack of awareness leads to pain. Fortunately, everyone can improve their movement coordination and awareness!

When you come for an individual session, I help you connect how you are moving and holding yourself to the pain or difficulty you’re having. We then find new, ways of sitting, standing and moving that are more comfortable, balanced and efficient.

My clients continue to be amazed at how making small changes in how they move leads makes a huge difference in how they feel.

Working with a client in a private lesson
How you sit makes a big difference in how your neck and shoulders feel. (photo by Rosalie O'Connor)
Maxine, individual session client

After working with Brandee, I'm happy to say that my neck is pain-free and I haven't had any tingling or weakness in my arms for three weeks now!

Maxine Fredericksen

Jordan, individual session client

I immediately noticed a shift, even after one session, and my body has been able to hold and integrate these changes.

Jordan Lowy

Additional Offerings

Older adults in a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class in chairs

Movement Group Classes

Relieve pain and tension in your neck, shoulders and more!