Group Class Testimonials

Brian, group class student

The results have been amazing—I have far less muscular tension and much more ease in my movement. Read more “Brian Nussbaum”

Brian Nussbaum
Lia, group class student

I’m just loving the freer movement I experience despite spinal issues. Read more “Lia Olsen”

Lia Olsen
Make your movement wishes come true

Not only do my neck and shoulders feel better, but my whole back is looser and moving more. Read more “J.T.”

Gary, group class student

I use what I’ve learned in class several times a day… Read more “Gary Wilson”

Gary Wilson
Cathy, group class student

Big thanks for today’s class with it’s message to be gentle with ourselves. I walked home, not healed, but definitely lighter, easier. My spirits were lifted. Read more “Cathy Cade”

Cathy Cade
Regina, group class student

Classes are helping me make ongoing changes in my posture. Read more “Regina Eisenberg”

Regina Eisenberg
Carl, group class student

You taught me how to turn and look without hurting my neck. Thank you. Read more “Carl Gardeman”

Carl Gardeman
Blue Sky Possibilities

Brandee’s classes have helped me more than anything else to reduce my pain. Read more “Ann C.”

Ann C.
Lia, group class student

After just two classes my hips are significantly better, as is my balance. Read more “Lia Olsen”

Lia Olsen
Gary, group class student

By the end of class I could see the wall behind me from both sides—I had 360 deg vision! Read more “Gary Wilson”

Gary Wilson
Gerie, group class student

You think you’re doing something good for yourself with stretches you do at home. But it’s so different when I come here! Read more “Gerie Wisdom”

Gerie Wisdom
Judy, group class student

No matter what we do in class, my pain is always gone by the end. Read more “Judy Geller”

Judy Geller

Individual Session Testimonials

Maxine, individual session client

After working with Brandee, my neck is pain-free. Read more “Maxine Fredericksen”

Maxine Fredericksen
Debbie, individual session client

After my session with Brandee, I had my first break from deep pain in weeks. Read more “Debbie Rich”

Debbie Rich
Jordan, individual session client

I immediately noticed a shift, even after one session. And my body has been able to hold and integrate these changes. Read more “Jordan Lowy”

Jordan Lowy

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